Generation d-Liberation is a project from the European Parliament in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe. It aims at giving tools to school students - in general and VET education - to be able to discuss the future of Europe and the role they want to play in it, with specific regards to the topics they care the most. The project lasts one year, from April 2021 until June 2022.

Our partners are Alliance4Europe, European Alternatives, Citizens Take Over Europe, European House, SV-Bildungswerk e.V. and Unione degli Studenti.

The objectives of the project are to develop and test a methodology for deliberation at school level that can be used by students and schools in order to promote youth engagement and political debates and recommendations and to implement it in 6 countries reaching out to 2300 students directly; to promote youth engagement, school deliberations and the methodology through a communications campaign reaching +500k people on different social media channels; to gather recommendations on the above mentioned topics from those deliberations and present them to MEPs and other policy makers in online and offline spaces; to bring the voices of school students to their political representatives and create a meaningful dialogue among them.

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