School Student Rights Reloaded (SSRR) is OBESSU Work Plan 2022, funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

What is it about?

The aim of the project is to revise the Declaration of School Student Rights (DSSR) which is one of the key strategic and advocacy related documents of OBESSU, developed 15 years ago with the support of the EYF. It is a document aimed to “empower school students all over Europe to stand up against mistreatment and to engage in the everyday life in school”, and it outlines a common standard for educational systems. The Declaration promotes the effective observation and recognition of school student’s rights by all actors of the educational community and wider society, as well as the respect for school students and further the cause of school students in their struggle to realise and maintain their rightful place in school and in society. 

More specifucally, our goals are:

  • To review the Declaration of School Student Rights, and ensure its applicability and relevance in the context of post-Covid19 educational systems;  
  • To develop competences in school student unions to use the Declaration of School Student Rights, and advocate for the rights of school students;
  • To provide space for exchange of practices, discussions and dialogue between different school student unions on restructuring the approaches they have in the post-covid era;  
  •  To outreach to disadvantaged young people and ensure their participation within the shaping of their educational environment. 

The student perspective is at the core of this project, with a focus on participatory processes led by and for school students and fostering exchange and discussion of diverse ideas among them, coming from two years of isolation and restrictions. Besides, as this work plan aims at the long term, it will develop the advocacy capacities of school students to advocate for their rights, being at the center of the process and following the motto “nothing about us without us”.