Education is a key instrument of integration. This is one of the main reasons why the school environment and the school life can have a great influence on the future of young learners with migrant background. Several actors play an important role in their successful integration and educational development. First, teachers and tutors are at the forefront of the learning process. Second, family members’, parents’ attitude towards and active involvement with school has an impact. Last but not least, fellow students have a substantial role in making migrant pupils feel welcome and personally connected to the school community. Developing stronger ties to the school and to their peers is a major step towards the successful integration of those refugee and migrant children who do not yet feel connected.

In order to encourage building bridges between migrant children and their peers in secondary schools, OBESSU decided to launch the project “Seeds for Integration”. The main idea was to provide small, medium and large grants to secondary school student unions, or to independent groups representing school’s students, to support the implementation of creative initiatives along the topic of educational inclusion of migrant and refugee children. As such students provided solutions for students.

On the local and regional level, project teams composed of students from different secondary schools or Regional School Student Unions were beneficiaries of medium scale grant of maximum 1000 Euros. On the national level, only OBESSU Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations received large scale grants of maximum 4.000 Euros.

Seeds for Integration run from July 2016 until December 2019.