The “Stronger School Student Unions” (SSSU) programme is a tailor-made programme to foster the capacity of OBESSU’s Member Organisations in different fields. We also want to create the grounds for a better cooperation, mutual support, peer learning and knowledge management in school student organisations.

OBESSU kicked off Stronger in February 2019. Through the different tailor-made actions of the programme we aimed at fostering the sustainability of school student organisations (with particular focus to the CEE SEE region).

The pilot version of the project ended in September 2020 and we get to continue the project until the summer 2021. The second version of the project loses the regional focus and will aim at supporting not only the OBESSU membership but also developing school student movements in Europe.

Through the different actions of the programme we aim at:

  • Fostering the sustainability of student organising in our membership through mutual learning and sharing
  • Enabling in person sharing and learning of organisations in regions with similar issues
  • Giving concrete benefits to the constituency and enlarge the reach out OBESSU currently has
  • Developing ideas for further student organising development and cooperation strengthening
  • Enabling exchange for staff members of our membership who very often face very specific challenges (working with school students, working with volunteers)
  • Fostering cooperation with emerging school student unions not involved with OBESSU yet and strengthen such movements

The programme will investigate 6 main challenges common in school student organisations:

  1. Knowledge and turnover management
  2. Sustainable finances and human resource management
  3. Political impact and outreach
  4. Representation: structure and constituency
  5. Democratic decision making and inclusion
  6. Digital technologies in activism and education

If you have any questions about the project, please contact OBESSU’s Membership and Communication Officer Eleonora at